Two-Dollar Game

""Patience is a virtue". Unfortunately it lacks in many players throughout Gt. Love or hate him, Travis has been working a hell of a lot for a game that couldn't earn him a living, only a mere tip. Yet he cannot be respected, he cannot be taken for what he is : A normal guy with a normal life who makes his mistakes, just like every other person does. Do any of you know how much it would take for a game such as Get Tiffany would take to build? Over 500 hours of work. Programming isn't reading from a book and copying it down just like a lecture from school. It is a skill, which takes patience, time and dedication. If the guy you feel like throwing the blame on for a "crap 4.0" why are you playing this game? Have you ever wondered why day after day you log in, have your fun but at the other end of the PC a man has to take care of a family, read 100 meaningless e-mails every day and make a living. Give the man a break. 4.0 is out and suddenly Mr Travis decides to try and make some profit after all the months and months of having to write endless code inside a box of wires you use to whine and complain?

Is anyone out there who could take his job? No, most of you are kids dropped off the Planet of Arrogance and Disrespect where your mommy and daddy pet your soft heads while you judge other people. 4.0 is a game made to satisfy both the people and the owner. But it is disappointing to see how players prefer to receive rather then give. You have been "living off the fat of the land" for far to long. This man needs to start making this game a game, not a present to people that always need more. Sure, we all make mistakes, but we should try and make them up by everything it takes.

Why do I care? I don't, I am just fed up of seeing people whining, and complaining and then ass kissing Mr Travis for something they cannot understand. The game industry is huge, if you would go into a supermarket you would easily realise life is not free, you have to pay to survive. And when you have a home, a life you want to entertain yourself. So you buy a game…….which would cost 45$. How long would you play it for? A few months, maybe a year? On the Internet Gigantic gaming Industries are expanding making billions. On average you pay 15$ a month for a proper game. So then I dare and ask you……2$. How much is that? You do not even need to pay the money. It is your choice. You could buy 2 drinks for a month, a few sweets and a newspaper. If you do care for this game as some of you pretend to do, realise 2$ a month means nothing compared to the real world. I know this game means a lot for me. And I know it means a lot for you. Travis made this happen and the least we could do is thank him and pay for the server we share. Because a gaming server costs over 200$ to rent per month, especially one that contains a database such as big as Gt. 4.0 is not a scam, it is not a way to steal money from people. It is a way to pay for the servers and make a few dollars for beer and chips. Respect the owner for what he did to you the opportunity to play a game for a minimum price. Because after hours of research, this is the smallest ever game fee.


Apoc/Truth LeTTer