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Top 10 reasons Why ENGLAND SUCKS By i can be annoyin on 7/16/2006
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1. British people suck. They are either homosexual or evil.2. You call cigarettes Fags over there. You all Suck on Fags.(See #1)3. You have a national monument called big ben. You climb on Big Ben(Or bill or bob or whatever the case may be). (Again see #1).4. You have a queen of your country.(See #1).5. Your government could'nt tie its shoes without asking The US how to do it.6. We have Nukes.7. You Sip Tea.8. The reason players in the NFL wear pads is because they are smart. Most people don't like to get into a scrum(notice the close resemblence to CUM) or a huddle and then destroy each other without pads. If your country had a variation of baseball would it involve hitting yourselves over the head with a bat?9. You call an elevator a lift. Thats just gay.(See #1)10. You made huge colonies all over the world at one point. You had ACRES AND ACRES AND MILES AND MILES of land that you took over from EVERYONE. This was commendable. How much do you own now? PUSSAHS.

#6 is stupid, the rest are good By Mix FC on 7/16/2006
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cuz they have nukes too

hahah By Anti Hero WST on 7/16/2006
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The single biggest reason why England sucks. By Mix FC on 7/16/2006
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Is because we already did fight them in a war, and we kicked their fucking ass all the way back to England.

lol By HAWK on 7/16/2006
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STEROTYPES By Thugz BnX on 7/16/2006
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