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Could it be true? D4: The Mighty Ducks?!!?!? By Lt Gizmo KAT on 1/11/2005
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yes!!!!!!!!!!!! By kirby on 1/11/2005
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they better have charlie, banks, and the fat black kid!

oh no doubt! By Lt Gizmo KAT on 1/11/2005
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banksie!!!!They gotta get the bash brothers and woo woo woo kenny woo!!!!

sweet. By Mr Jinx PRT on 1/11/2005
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Go Coach Bombay!

well i dont know who all is in it By ZyklonB KillsNBA on 1/11/2005
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but the plot of d4 is that charlie went to jail for something and he got probation. so his probation is that he has to coach guess what ????? thats right peewee hockey. and has to call up good ol coach bombay

ok revise By ZyklonB KillsNBA on 1/11/2005
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the changed the plot and timb can back me up on thisnow it looks like thier going to the olympics and have to face team iceland so its basically a rip of D3 i bet you cant guess whose going to win

you mean D2 By kirby on 1/12/2005
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do iceland even play hockey?? didnt they also play trinidad...haha who remembers that..?. they play those black jamaican guys wtf cool runningsthe ultimate opponent would have to be canada hands down.